Friday, January 4, 2008

Giorgio Armani: A Genius

"I never imagined that one day it would celebrate my creative genius."

- Giorgio Armani

Rated as one of the most famous and popular designers in the world of fashion. His collection love by many people because the unique style and appeal that you can't hope to discover anywhere else. The point is also that unlike many other designers, he doesn't change his looks about fashion to please the market - remaining faithful to such criteria as elegance and practicality.

Armani has many garment lines that are extremely popular with young people. The Armani Jeans line is available at reduced prices and it attracts consumers by its appeal and stylish look. There's no doubt why Armani Jeans is at it's best.

Armani First Class Jeans

Armani Jeans is always thinking of new ways to keep you feeling fun, sexy and active while at the same time always topping the charts in designer classics.

+ Embroidered patch on back pocket

+ Great Casual Fit

+ Made in Italy

+ SR1-7695

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ed Hardy Rocks!!!

Christian Audigier, godfather of tattoo, create a new clothing company and make it one of the hottest brands in America. Using his unrivaled understanding of design, Christian has created a lifestyle brand that is quickly on its way to becoming a milestone on the fashion time line.Indeed, Ed Hardy continues to grow with its mix of strong imagery and its brilliant use of colour. New trends in the brand include caps, belts, hoodies, lingerie, bags, and denim. The mix of design and detail make each piece strong enough to stand alone or fit perfectly into the larger collection. The style of Ed Hardy will continue to grow and more unique designs will come up.

Source: Ed Hardy

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dsquared vs Ed Hardy: Whose Side are you On?

"Let the games begin!" as the two top clothing line comes face to face with each other. The two has gained popularity and they continue to rise in the field of fashion. But my question is, which is better, Dsquared or Ed Hardy? Well, it's very hard to answer because they have both the presence of Hollywood Celebrities. So, it is their unique design that is put in the test. Ed Hardy products are designed for the young and fashionable. They have the wide selection of caps, shirts, hoodies, bags, and a lot more. They are manu factured using the most durable and comfortable material and affordable prices. The significant of Ed Hardy is the tattoo. If you will notice, most of their products have a tattoo that make it more attractive.
On the other side, Dsquared has add a flavorful combination of fashion, art, and music on their products. Their fashion shows are not simply a show but an event. The style of the men's designs is one that can be called relaxed yet detailed. The DSquared collections are unique yet not outrageous and this could be part of the reason why numerous celebrities are interested in purchasing DSquared fashions.

It's really hard to decide which is the better among the two, it's up to you to decide, it is your style not mine...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Rihanna Wearing Dsquared

Indeed, Rihanna is a big fan of Dsquared Collections. Look at the picture, does she looks so elegant? Rihanna is having the year of her life, girlfriend is on top of her game! Rihanna participated in the DSquared fashion show in Milan. "She looks so fabulous" said the New York Times.